Friday, August 14, 2009

American Heritage Preservation Grants

American Heritage Preservation Grants

A special initiative of the Conservation Project Support Program in partnership between IMLS and Bank of America

Grant program guidelines for the current fiscal year are now available:

2010 Grant Program Guidelines (PDF, 379KB) and Instructions

Deadline: September 15, 2009

Grant Amount: Up to $3,000

Grant Period: Up to one year

Program Contacts
Christine Henry, Senior Program Officer
Phone: 202/653-4674

Kevin Cherry, Senior Program Officer
Phone: 202/653-4662

Conference Calls

The Institute has scheduled two conference calls to give prospective applicants an opportunity to ask the IMLS staff questions pertaining to the American Heritage Preservation Grants.

Date: Wednesday, August 19th
Time: 3 PM ET
Participant Dial-In Number: (800) 603-9527
Conference ID: 72461040

Date: Tuesday, August 25th
Time: 3 PM ET
Participant Dial-In Number: (800) 603-9527
Conference ID: 72461040

February 23, 2009 Press Release--Treasures Preserved with Grants from the IMLS American Heritage Preservation Program

Program Overview
Bank of America is partnering with the Institute to provide grants to small museums, libraries, and archives. The grants will raise awareness and fund preservation of treasures held in small museums, libraries and archives.

Grants will help to preserve specific items, including works of art, artifacts and historical documents that are in need of conservation. Applicants will build on completed conservation assessments of their collections to ensure that the grants are used in accordance with best practices in the field, and underscore the importance of assessment planning.

Grant programs that provide assistance with conservation planning and assessment include the Institute’s Conservation Assessment Program and the National Endowment for the Humanities’ Preservation Assistance Grants. Some states also offer assessment programs.

Institutions that fulfill the general criteria may apply. See program guidelines for special conditions of eligibility for this program.