Thursday, March 18, 2010

Workshop - Working Properties of Paper and Adhesives

Working Properties of Paper and Adhesives
ICA Conservation Center, 2915 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113
June 12, 2010 10AM-3:30PM (including lab tour and lunch break)

ICA paper conservator Jamye Jamison will offer a practicum on the working properties of papers and adhesives. Approximately one hour will focus on paper properties (general types, fillers and treatments to change properties, grain, thickness, and tensile strength) and paper tips and tricks (tools, determining grain direction, folding, tearing, cutting, and drying). The second hour will address the characteristics of both natural and synthetic adhesives as well as adhesive tips and tricks (choosing an adhesive, getting the right mix, choosing a brush, application, drying, and counter mounting). Participants are encouraged to bring a personal project to discuss after the lunch break. Following the discussion, there will be a tour of the ICA facility for interested participants.

This program has been designed for Art Books Cleveland; priority will be given to ABC members until May 1st after which registration will be opened to all. To register contact ICA’s Education Director Nicole Hayes at or 216-658-8700. (To become a member of ABC contact BonnĂ© de Blas at Please sign up early. Due to space limitations and to ensure good discussion, the program will be limited to 15 people. Cost: $20 for ICA members, $25 for non-members.

Nicole M. Hayes

Director of Education and External Relations

Intermuseum Conservation Association

2915 Detroit Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44113

t: 216.658.8700 f: 216.658.8709