Thursday, October 7, 2010

Online wrokshop - Fair Use and Balance in Copyright: The Best Practices Model

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Fair Use and Balance in Copyright: The Best Practices Model.
Dates: November 8-19, 2010 (Register by 10/29).
Instructors: Patricia Aufderheide, Ph.D., & Peter Jaszi, J.D.

Description: What rights do new makers and users have to use copyrighted material without permission or payment, and how do they convince their own administrators that they have those rights? How risky is it to use those rights, and how can those risks be mitigated? What's at stake in exercising and defending fair use and other balancing features of copyright, and how does the balancing concept fit into the evolution and current reality of copyright law and practice?

The two pioneering academics who changed industry practice with best-practices codes for fair use explain both the law and the importance of these new codes as tools for practitioners. They describe how new makers of cultural material are designing and employing best practices codes that help them use the rights they have under law. They explain the historical and legal justifications for the fair use right (including why a defense can be a right!), troubleshoot interpretations and explore with you how this model could work in your community.

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