Saturday, July 30, 2011

Conference - Rod Serling Conference

Rod Serling Conference at Ithaca College
September 9-10, 2011

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Bill D'Elia '69
Executive Producer/Director
Former student of Rod Serling

Directed episodes of “Northern Exposure,” “Picket Fences,” “The West Wing,” “Law and Order,” “GLEE,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “The Mentalist.”
Executive Producer/Director of “Chicago Hope"
Co-creator of “Judging Amy”
Executive Producer/Director of the Emmy award-winning series “Ally McBeal"
Director/Co-Executive producer of "Boston Legal" and "Harry's Law"

Other Conference Topics include:

"Turning the White House Black: Thirty-Six Years Before Barak Obama, Rod Serling’s The Man Brought the First African-American President to Power"
Tony Albarella and Gordon Webb

"That Does Not Compute: Reflecting Technophobia in the Twilight Zone"
Jeffrey J. Bianchine

"Character Actors in the Twilight Zone"
Otto Bruno

"God, Conformity and The State in The Twilight Zone"
Amy Boyle Johnston

"America's Twilight Zone of 1946-1964: The Art of Alien-Nation"
Christopher Cappelluti

"A Dimension of Sight, Sound, Mind…and Gender?: The Twilight Zone
Katrina A. Fraley

"Is Anthony of 'It’s a Good Life' Autistic?"
Dr. Janet M. Goldberg

"Midnight Never Ends: Revisiting Rod Serling’s Night Gallery"
Mark Graham

"New Technology and the Twilight Zone"
Ari Kissiloff

"Toyland Terror in the Twilight Zone: The Philosophical Connections of ‘Five Characters in Search of an Exit’"
Tim Madigan

"Paranoia, Intercultural Conflict and Social Inequality: An Analysis of 'The Shelter' and 'The Big Tall Wish'"
Michael A. Moodian

“Earth Creature in his Native Habitat”: Suburban Alienation in the Twilight Zone
Andrew James Myers

"Where Else Would You See a Story Like This: H.P. Lovecraft Adapted for Rod Serling's Night Gallery"
Don Pizarro

"How to Get to the Twilight Zone: Convergence, Crossing Over, and the Transformation of the Viewer"
Richard Rees

"A Stop at Willoughby- A Discussion of TZ Production Standards"
Laurie Scheer

"Social Justice from the Twilight Zone: Rod Serling as Human Rights Activist"
Hugh A.D. Spencer

"Between Science and Superstition: Prototyping the Future Fetish Object in the Twilight Zone"
Lou Susi

"Montage, Metaphor and Homage to The Twilight Zone: The Christian Performance of Belief in New Media Politics"
Rachel Wagner

"No Time Like the Past: Hearing Nostalgia in The Twilight Zone"
Reba Wissner
"Spoken Word Multimedia Presentation"
Employs monologues directly from the series scripts, edited and strung together in a kind of extended Beat-style poem.
Matteo Wyllyamz

Night Gallery’s Titanic “Lone Survivor” Episode: An Underwater Archaeologist’s Perspective of a Rod Serling Maritime Story
Joseph W. Zarzynski

Script Contest Panel