Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FREE webinar - Getting In-Depth Competitive Intelligence on Private Companies

SLA CI Webinar 4/30 - Getting In-Depth Competitive Intelligence on Private Companies
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More often than not disruptive innovations are born behind the walls of privately held companies. Given this how do you crack the code on these companies strategies? Additionally, how do you obtain some degree of early warning about how successful these companies might be in the future?

During this talk you’ll learn about a wide range of open source intelligence (OSINT) and human intelligence techniques (HUMINT) that you can use to answer the above questions.

We’ll cover:

·         OSINT Assets – what can you learn from the web that’s meaningful and what can be aggregated to produce greater insight
·         HUMINT Assets – who should you talk to and how do you get a hold of them effectively.
·         Benchmarking –  how to acquire or interact with competitor products and services in a meaningful way

We’ll also close with a discussion of the ethical considerations companies face when conducting private company research as well as what is typically in and out of bounds when conducting private company oriented research efforts.

Finally all attendees will receive a copy of one of Cascade Insights’ Framework Fight Club Handbooks.  Each handbook provides a wealth of competitive intelligence frameworks that you can use to synthesize the intelligence you’ve collected.

Presented by Sean Campbell
Co-owner - Cascade Insights