Friday, May 31, 2013

FREE workshop - Creating and Funding Preservation Projects To Enhance Collection Care

Creating and Funding Preservation Projects To Enhance Collection Care

Oregon Historical Society, Portland, Oregon, August 1, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00
Sponsored by Western States & Territories Preservation Assistance Service
(WESTPAS) and the Oregon Historical Society

Workshop instructor:Barclay Ogden, Preservation Department Head, University
of California, Berkeley

Do you want to get a preservation grant to take care of your collections?
Many institutions have used grant-funded projects to enhance the level of
care they can provide for their collections, and sometimes even to jump
start their preservation programs.

"Creating and Funding Preservation Projects to Enhance Collection Care" is
a one-day workshop that begins with identifying and setting priorities
among collection needs. With a clear sense of needs, the second part of the
workshop reviews sources of grant funding available to your institution.
The third part of the workshop addresses the key preservation questions
asked on grant applications - participants answer the questions on behalf
of their institutions, building the elements of a proposal for their own
collection. The workshop emphasizes working collaboratively with colleagues
to develop and receive feedback on project proposals.

By the end of the workshop day, participants will have:
* Outlined a preservation project proposal specific to their institution
* Identified possible funding sources
* Tested their ideas with other workshop participants

Who should attend: Administrators and staff responsible for care of the
collection in all types of libraries, museums and archives, with an
emphasis on small-to-medium sized institutions without preservation grant
writing experience. By registering for the workshop, the institution
commits to supporting the attendee(s) to achieve the workshop's goals to
develop and submit proposals for preservation projects to enhance
collection care. When possible, TWO attendees from an institution should
attend so they can work together on project development.

Cost: No charge to the institution. WESTPAS is funded in part by the
National Endowment for the Humanities.

Registration: Pre-registration required. Register online at: WESTPAS

For registration assistance contact: Alexandra Gingerich gingerich at <>
For general & content information contact Kristen Kern