Monday, February 17, 2014

E-Resources and Libraries 9th Annual Conference

E-Resources and Libraries 9th Annual Conference is taking place next month in Austin, TX and online March 16 – 19, 2014. You don’t need to attend ER&L to take a ½ day course in Austin. Learn a new skill and a fresh perspective on your work with aworkshop. Learn how to assess the accessibility and usability of e-resource interfaces at Influencing and Improving Products: Structured Interface Reviews. Learn the basics of programming (skills we need in order to improve the way work gets done in our libraries) at Outsourcing Library Work to Your Computer with Python basics and Rails Workshop using the RailsBridge Curriculum, co-hosted with the LTG Summit. Learn how to be more comfortable at a negotiation table or in communicating your ideas at work with improv training (run by an improv troupe) at Improv in the workplace? Improve in the Workplace. Learn best practices in project management at Introduction to Project Management for Libraries. Learn how to manage, preserve and make accessible our library’s data at Electronic Resources & Data Management: A Love Story. Learn how to empower yourself and your organization by understanding what it takes to cultivate resilience at Forever Changes: cultivating resilience in times of change, challenge, uncertainty - and opportunity. Learn the best crowd-sourced workflows for managing e-resources at Developing workflow from TERMS: Techniques for Electronic Resource Management View the complete 1/2 day workshops course list and descriptions: ER&L 2014 KEY DATES Feb 20 | Regular Registration Closes Mar 7-11 | SXSW Interactive Mar 16-19 | ER&L 2014 in Austin, Texas or Online March 18 | ER&L UX Day (Learn more: March 19 | ER&L Workshops Mar 20-21 | LTG Summit (Learn more: