Friday, October 9, 2009

Fellowship - ACRL

Samuel Lazerow Fellowship For Research in Collections and Technical Services
in Academic and Research Libraries

This award fosters advances in collections or technical services by providing fellowships to librarians for travel or writing in those fields. Research projects in the compilation of bibliographies will not be supported by this fellowship.

$1,000 cash and a citation donated by the Thomson Reuters.

*Submission Deadline: Friday, December 4, 2009*

The proposals will be judged with an emphasis on the following:

* Potential significance of the project to acquisitions or technical
services work
* Originality and creativity
* Clarity and completeness of the proposal
* Evidence of an interest in scholarship (previous publication record)

Applicants should submit a brief proposal (no more than five pages), double-spaced, which includes the following:

* Description of research, travel, or writing project
* Schedule for project
* Estimate of expenses (e.g., travel, faxing, data analysis,
computer time, photocopying, typing)
* An up-to-date curriculum vitae should accompany proposal

Recipients of the fellowship are required to submit a 6-10 page report of the results of their research to the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) within two months of the project's completion. A 500-word summary for possible publication in /C&RL News/ is also due at that time.


Electronic submissions are required. E-mail the application to Megan Griffin at . If sending multiple files,each file name must contain the applicant's name. Submissions will be acknowledged via e-mail.

Information & Assistance

If you have questions or need help in compiling an application, please contact the award committee chair, Brad Eden at, or Megan Griffin at