Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grant - Photographic research

>The Peter E. Palmquist Memorial Fund for Historical Photographic Research
>is now accepting grant applications. The application is at
> This year's grant application deadline is Monday,
>November 2, 2009, and awards range from $400 to $1,000. The Fund
>supports the study of under-researched women photographers
>internationally, past and present, and under-researched Western American
>photographers before 1900. Preference is given to independent researchers.
>An independent researcher is someone who controls his or her own research
>projects, intellectually and financially. The person can be a freelancer
>or affiliated with a university or other institution, but cannot be
>conducting research under the supervision or direction of another person
>or entity, either as a trainee, a postdoctoral fellow, or as a research
>assistant or associate. Doctoral candidates who are writing their
>dissertations and need financial assistance to complete their research
>will also be considered. Nonprofit institutions with a focus on women in
>photography or Western American photography before 1900 may also apply for
>A small panel of outside consultants with professional expertise in the
>field of photohistory and/or grant reviewing will review the applications
>of independent researchers in order to determine the awards. Applications
>will be judged on the quality of the proposal, the ability of the
>applicant to carry out the project within the proposed budget and
>timeline, and the significance of the project to the field of photographic
>history. Each recipient of the award will agree to donate, upon completion
>of the project, a copy of the resulting work (i.e., published book,
>unpublished report, thesis, etc.) to the Humboldt Area Foundation to
>submit to the Peter Palmquist Archive at Yale University's Beinecke Rare
>Book & Manuscript Library. Recipients will be notified on November 30, 2009.
>Please contact Heather Hostler, Program Officer, Humboldt Area
>Foundation, Eureka, CA for the application and with any
>questions. Humboldt Area Foundation, Eureka, CA: 707-442-2993,
>Heather K. Hostler
>Program Officer
>Humboldt Area Foundation
>373 Indianola Road
>Bayside, Ca 95524
>(707) 442-2993 x 334
>(707) 442-3811 fax