Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poster Sessions - PALA

Pennsylvania Library Association Poster Sessions

The 2010 PALA Conference Planning Committee invites you to present a poster session at the PALA Annual Conference to be held October 24 - 27, 2010 at the new Lancaster County Convention Center located on the square in downtown Lancaster.

What is a poster session? It is an opportunity, set aside during the conference, when librarians, students, staff or others participating in the professional conference can present an idea, the outcomes of a completed project, or research results to an audience of their peers. The tone is casual and the mode is highly interactive. The object is to gather feedback and to make connections with others interested in the same subject. This is a forum for library professionals from across the state to highlight their libraries and to share their successful ideas or innovations with colleagues.

This year's conference theme is Rooted in Tradition, Growing the Future, representing both the traditional and new methods that libraries supply information and why libraries are such an important part of our communities. For more information on poster sessions and to submit a poster go to the PaLA Web site and click on Poster Session Proposal.

The deadline for proposals is June 27, 2010. Come, join us in Lancaster to share your traditions and grow your future!