Saturday, June 12, 2010

Symposium - Photo-Bookworks

At VSW we have considered the possibilities of the book as a primary art form since our founding in 1969. The 2010 Photo-Bookworks Symposium addresses a new production generation—in an era with access to print-on-demand and desktop publishing—as an effort to expand the potential for books-as-art. Contemporary print-on-demand technology increases the ability to cheaply print and to self-publish works, but is the distinctive time/space art of the photo-bookwork lost on those using books to display their photographs? In order to expand the potential of the form, we have organized a series of presentations on exemplary photo-bookwork projects by American and international photographic artists, publishers, and historians.

Above are links to the presenters, events, and schedule of activities, as well as necessary information for registering for the symposium, and our suggestions for accommodations in Rochester, NY during the weekend of July 1-3, 2010.

The symposium is $125 and has limited seats available so register now to reserve your place at what promises to be a significant and educational gathering.