Saturday, March 26, 2011

Workshop: Aesthetics, Craft, and Care of the Fine Art Digital Print

The Image Permanence Institute (IPI), Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, is presenting a four-day workshop on the Aesthetics, Craft, and Care of the Fine Art Digital Print. The workshop will be held on August 23 – 26, 2011 in Rochester, NY. The cost is $1,495 for early registrants.
WorkshopWho should attend this workshop?

* Fine Art Printmakers
* Contemporary Photographers
* Contemporary Photograph Collectors
* Museum and Archive Professionals
* Photograph Conservators
* Photography Educators

Workshop Details

In a small group setting, this lecture and hands-on style workshop will teach participants the unique aesthetics of the fine art digital print and help them understand their distinguishing characteristics. Presentation of the history and application of digital print technologies will be followed by demonstrations of the fine art inkjet printing process. Additional topics include basic color management theory and the use of various tools and software currently available for monitor and printer calibration. A discussion on how digital print processes are currently being used for fine art reproduction will also be provided. Print samples will illustrate the consequence of different software settings and common image workflow mistakes. Print identification techniques will be taught through close examination of didactic sample sets and the use of Graphics Atlas, IPI's print characterization website. Participants will learn about physical and chemical stability issues and receive practical advice on handling, storage enclosures, and proper display and storage conditions.

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