Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Conference - Permanence Matters

“Permanence Matters” An inaugural conference at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. May 10, 2011

Johns Hopkins University

Sheridan Libraries

Hodson Hall Auditorium

Room 110

3400 N. Charles Street

Baltimore, MD 21218

Registration is now open for “Permanence Matters”, May 10, 2011, the inaugural conference on Topics in Book Permanence. The conference is sponsored by Department of Conservation and Preservation, and the Heritage Science for Conservation project at The Johns Hopkins University’s Sheridan Libraries, Glatfelter Paper, and the Conservation Center of Art and Historic Artifacts. Please visit the following links for further information and registration.



This one-day inaugural conference will discuss the history of permanent paper; the science of paper and its degradation; trends in paper manufacturing, printing and publishing; and the continuing need for permanent paper for users and heritage collections.


The History of Permanent Paper

The State and Future Trends of Paper Manufacturing

The Science of Paper and Heritage Collections

When Permanence Matters for Users

The Limits of Digital Options

Panel Sessions and Q&A sessions

Sonja Jordan-Mowery

Joseph Ruzicka and Marie Ruzicka Feldman

Director for Conservation and Preservation

Johns Hopkins University

Sheridan Libraries

3400 N. Charles Street

Baltimore, MD 21218

phone: 410-516-4383

email: sjordan@jhu.edu