Saturday, September 17, 2011

CFP - LOEX 2012

LOEX 2012: Call for Proposals
Energize! Accelerate! Transform!

40th Annual LOEX Conference
May 3 - 5, 2012
Columbus, Ohio
Proposals due: Friday, November 18, 2011

Instruction librarians know that it’s essential to Energize! theirteaching, Accelerate! change, and Transform! student learning. Weinvite you to contribute your recipes for instructional excellence at LOEX2012, in Columbus, Ohio.

Successful proposals will model best practices, provide useful information thatparticipants can use at their libraries, showcase effective and innovativepractices, support collaboration, and be as applicable as possible to a widerange of academic institution types.

Successful proposals should attempt to reflect elements of one of seven tracks:

* Cocktails: Shake it up -- Engaging students with active learning
* Salads: A mixture of unique ingredients -- Reachingdiverse populations
* Entrees: The foundation of every meal -- Developingyour teachers and your program
* Combo Platter: One from column A, one from column B -- Collaboratingacross campus and with different institutions
* To Go: Take it with you -- Learning on the go, anytime,anywhere
* Chef’s Surprise: Something different and unexpected -- Pursuingcutting-edge trends in teaching and learning
* Dessert: Always leave room for this -- Measuringthe effectiveness of programs and learning

Breakout Session Formats

Two types of proposals will be accepted:
* Presentation: A 50-minute session thatincludes time for a 40-45 minute presentation and 5-10 minutes of question andanswer. Most feature a successful program, practice or key issue related toinstruction or information literacy. Presentations are intended for an audiencetypically of 30-70 people. Presenters should include in the proposaldescription the topic and an outline of the presentation.
* Interactive Workshop: A 50-minute session where thepresenter facilitates a learning experience in which attendees develop orexplore teaching and/or research techniques. Presenters are expected tofacilitate a well-planned and interactive session. Workshops are intended foran audience typically of 30-50 people. Proposals should include a descriptionof the topic and details on how the presenter will make this session a“hands-on” experience for attendees.

In addition to breakout sessions:
1. Students currently enrolled in a Master's program in library and informationsciences, along with librarians in resident or intern programs, will be invitedto propose poster sessions. Details about poster sessions will be issued in aseparate call for proposals.

2. (New this year!) Lightning Talks—short (eight minutes orless) presentations given during a single Saturday session by differentpresenters. There will only be handful (~ five) lightning talkpresentations, as they are intended to be an energizing, but small, part of theconference. Proposals will be due in late January. More detailsabout Lightning Talks will be issued in an early November call for proposals.

Submission Information

Proposals can be submitted only through the online submission form and must bereceived by Friday, November 18, 2011. The primary contact for theproposal will receive a message indicating receipt of the proposal when it issubmitted and will be notified if the proposal has been accepted forpresentation by Friday, January 13, 2012.

If your proposal is accepted, then up to three presenters will be automaticallyregistered for the conference and required to pay registration in full by Monday,March 26, 2012.
More information, including the proposal submission form, can befound at:

If you have any questions about submitting a proposal, contact CatherineCardwell at

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