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CFP: 2nd Milwaukee Conference on the Ethics ofInformation Organization

CFP: 2nd Milwaukee Conference on the Ethics ofInformation Organization

June 15-16, 2012
Milwaukee, WI

Information organization, like other major functions ofthe information professions, faces many ethical challenges. In our literature,ethical concerns have been raised with regard to, topics such as, the role ofnational and international tools and standards, provision of subject access toinformation, deprofessionalization and outsourcing, education of professionals,and the effects of globalization. These issues and many others like them haveserious implications for quality and equity in information access. TheInformation Organization Research Group and the Center for Information PolicyResearch of the School of Information Studies at the University ofWisconsin-Milwaukee join in presenting this second conference to address theethics of information organization.

Like the first Ethics of Information Organizationconference held in Milwaukee May 2009, this conference (June 2012) welcomespapers on ethics and any element of information organization from catalogingstandards to tagging; subject access; technology; the profession; cultural,economic, political, corporate, international, multicultural and multilingualaspects.

Invited speakers will include:
Opening speaker: Jens-Erik Mai, University of Toronto
Closing speaker: Richard Smiraglia, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Other invited speakers will be announced.

We invite submission of proposals for papers which willinclude: name(s) of presenter(s), title(s), affiliation(s), contact informationand abstracts of 300-500 words. Presentations will be 20 minutes. Time will beset aside for questions as well as broader discussion. All abstracts will bepublished on the Web site of the UW-Milwaukee Information Organization ResearchGroup. Full papers will be published in a special issue of KnowledgeOrganization .

Abstracts due: February 15, 2012
Notification of acceptance by: March 15, 2012
Full papers due: July 15, 2012

Submit proposals via email to:
Hope A Olson, Conference Chair ( )

The Program Committee:
Bobby Bothmann , Minnesota State University Mankato
Grant Campbell , University of Western Ontario, Canada
Allyson Carlyle , University of Washington, USA
José Augusto Chaves Guimarães , Universidade EstadualPaulista, Brazil
Birger Hjørland, Professor , The Royal School of Libraryand Information Science in Denmark
Lynne C Howarth , University of Toronto, Canada
Charles-Antoine Julien , McGill University, Canada
Joyce Latham , University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
Hur-Li Lee , University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
Steven J. Miller , University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
Hope A Olson , University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
Sandra Roe , Milner Library, Illinois State University,USA
Richard P. Smiraglia , University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,USA
Joe Tennis , University of Washington, USA
Michael Zimmer , University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA