Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CFP - Journal of Hospital Librarianship

Call for Papers for the Technology Column of the Journal of Hospital Librarianship
Yoohoo hospital librarians–here is a call for papers that is right up your alley. Done anything really cool and technologically innovative in your hospital library recently? Want to beef up your CV by adding a publication to it? Deeply into sharing what your techno know-how with other health sciences librarians? Well, here is your chance.

As one of the editors of the technology column of the Journal of Hospital Librarianship I am issuing a call for papers for an upcoming issue.

Here are the details. I need to get the article to the journal’s chief editor by Apil 1, 2012. And I can help you if you are not the most confident writer in the world. We all need to start somewhere, right?

There is no payment for the articles, but having an article on your CV is defintely a plus these days and it never hurts to have info about an article and a project about your library available on the Web.

Columns should be 8-10 pages in length, 12 point type, double spaced.

Original articles, only please. Submission of a manuscript to this Journal represents a certification on the part of the author(s) that this is an original work and that neither this manuscript nor a version of it has been published elsewhere.

Please submit article proposals to Hope Leman at hleman[atsign]samhealth[dot]org.

I am interpreting “technology” pretty broadly given that so much of what health sciences librarians do is digital/electronic. Therefore, please don’t be shy about suggesting ideas. And you don’t even have to be a hospital librarian (though the subject matter of the proposed article should be of interest to that audience).
I have found it is very useful to have published articles as it illustrates that you are innovative and it is very convenient to have a handy write-up in your files to help those down the road attempting to implement something similar to what you have already done.