Saturday, October 6, 2012

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Incubate leadership @ your library October 16, 2012 Effective leadership in a library community may appear to be the work of one person. More likely, it is a collective act of many players contributing their toolset of complementary and evolving skills. Leadership “incubates” best in an environment nurtured by collaborative and continuous learning. Jennifer Peterson, WebJunction’s Community Manager and 2011 LJ Mover & Shaker, explores peer mentoring and other methods for creating a generative space that nourishes the infectious qualities of leadership. Develop a network of seasoned learners at your library who will incubate leadership and collaboratively lead a rich and fulfilling learning organization. More information and registration » Freedom Rings in Philadelphia: community technology adoption October 25, 2012 The Freedom Rings Partnership is a digital inclusion initiative that is bringing Internet access, computer assistance and digital opportunities to Philadelphians with the least access to broadband. The Free Library of Philadelphia and the People’s Emergency Center are Managing Partners of a coalition of grassroots organizations, government, and universities, all of which is funded by Federal stimulus monies. The project’s public-computing centers—KEYSPOTS—extend beyond the library and traditional organizational walls to locate in community organizations that have the trust of their constituents. Learn how to develop sustainable partnerships and adapt this model to meet your community technology adoption needs. Presented by: Jennifer Donsky, The Free Library of Philadelphia; and Lorelei Shingledecker, People's Emergency Center. More information and registration » The Power of Image: presenting with the brain in mind November 6, 2012 The human brain is wired to respond to images. Scientific studies of the brain are providing powerful insights for designing and delivering presentations that grab the attention of the learner. Once you understand the key concepts of strong visual communication, you can get unstuck from the stale text-and-bullet format of presentation. You don’t need to be a designer to learn some simple tips and tricks that will punch up your presentations and wake up your audience. Presented by Betha Gutsche, program manager, WebJunction OCLC, and visual communications advocate. More information and registration » Energize your base: Tips and tools to raise awareness and build support for library services November 14, 2012 We may know that libraries are a good investment but in these times of tight budgets, we need to energize our base to take action— to connect more strongly with community members, to find out what excites them, and to let them know how libraries are changing lives—one connection at a time. Our panel will explore three vehicles that can help you increase awareness of library services: Library Videos that showcase libraries transforming lives; Geek the Library campaign to libraries to strengthen community connections and library support; Data Visualization that helps libraries use their data to tell a story about impact. Panelists: Karen Perry, Senior Program Officer, Global Libraries, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Jennifer Pearson, OCLC Senior Manager for Advocacy Programs; Jamie Hollier, Project Manager with PLA and Library Consultant; and Linda Hofschire, Research Analyst, Library Research Service, Colorado State Library. More information and registration »