Saturday, October 6, 2012

Webinar - Embedding Linked Data Invisibly into Web Pages

Embedding Linked Data Invisibly into Web Pages: Strategies and Workflows for Publishing with RDFa October 24, 2012 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) About the Webinar Speakers Registration Can't make it on the 24th? Register now and gain access to the archive for one year. System Requirements Please note: you will need a computer for the presentation and Q&A, and a telephone for the audio. About the Webinar As described in the April NISO/DCMI webinar by Dan Brickley, is a search-engine initiative aimed at helping webmasters use structured data markup to improve the discovery and display of search results. Drupal 7 makes it easy to markup HTML pages with terms, allowing users to quickly build websites with structured data that can be understood by Google and displayed as Rich Snippets. Improved search results are only part of the story, however. Data-bearing documents become machine-processable once you find them. The subject matter, important facts, calendar events, authorship, licensing, and whatever else you might like to share become there for the taking. Sales reports, RSS feeds, industry analysis, maps, diagrams and process artifacts can now connect back to other data sets to provide linkage to context and related content. The key to this is the adoption standards for both the data model (RDF) and the means of weaving it into documents (RDFa). Drupal 7 has become the leading content platform to adopt these standards. This webinar will describe how RDFa and Drupal 7 can improve how organizations publish information and data on the Web for both internal and external consumption. It will discuss what is required to use these features and how they impact publication workflow. The talk will focus on high-level and accessible demonstrations of what is possible. Technical people should learn how to proceed while non-technical people will learn what is possible.