Friday, August 30, 2013

Workshop- Learning to Preserve Valuable Collections Using Basic Enclosures

Preservation Workshop Sponsored by The Ohio Preservation Council:
Learning to Preserve Valuable Collections Using Basic Enclosures
Friday, October 11th, 2013 10:00am -3:30pm
Ohio University – Athens, Ohio
Taught by Miriam Nelson, Head of Preservation, Ohio University Libraries
Registration: $35
Properly constructed, the most basic enclosures can provide multifaceted protection from many of the threats to your collections. Enclosures provide protection against a fluctuating environment and the damaging effects of UV light; they create protective support during storage and transportation; with good design enclosures can encourage safe handling of fragile collections. Participants in this introductory level workshop will learn to construct 3 types of custom enclosures all of which can be reproduced with minimal equipment, tools and space. We will also discuss the preservation principles that will allow you to select material in the context of your institution. No previous experience necessary.
Participants who complete this introductory workshop will have the competency to create basic protective enclosures for a wide range of paper-based materials (books, pamphlets and papers).  Participants will be a given a list of supplies and sources to acquire the needed tools and supplies to institute their own enclosure-making programs.
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Ed Vermue
Chair, Ohio Preservation Council

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