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CFP - Community-Built Database: Research and Development

Community-Built Database: Research and Development

Edited by Eric Pardede (La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia)

To be published by Springer

in Information Science and Knowledge Management Series (

Book Aims and Summary


Communities have built collections of information in collaborative manners in the forms of encyclopaedias for centuries. More recently, Wikipedia has demonstrated how collaborative efforts can be a powerful feature to build a massive data storage. It is known that Wikipedia has become a key part of many corporations' knowledge management systems for decision making. Wikipedia is only one example brought about by Web 2.0 with the goal of creating communities of users.

While Web 2.0 has many benefits, there are many more opportunities to be unleashed. Imagine if one could use information gathered by many people for critical decision making. There is great potential for creating and sharing more structured data through the web. To make it more regulated and more realistic, the data will be limited to the community scale rather than the global scale, for example, a community of academic research group. Each community can create a large database, in which each member can contribute information freely and can use the information with higher levels of confidence.

The general motivation for the project is to enable various communities to develop such databases. In more specific, this publication has the following aims:

* To provide a comprehensive list of issues and challenges for research in community-built database.

* To disseminate the latest developments on community-built databases in various domains that can be used as a successful template to other community-built database development project.

* To provide visionary ideas for future community-built database research and application.

* To provide solid references on current research topics in community-built database, that can be useful for literature survey research.

Invitation for Proposals


We invite proposals from academic, researchers and industry practitioners in the area of collaborative information systems, databases, social web and other domains. The proposal should contain the tentative title, authors details, and brief description on the chapter.

Tentative Sections


The book will consist of these folowing sections. Each of the sections can include between 4 to 6 chapters.

Section I : Community-Built Databases: Standard and Technologies

Section II : Community-Built Databases: Storage and Modelling

Section III : Social Aspect of Community-Built Databases

Section IV : Community-Built Databases Applications

Section V : The Future of Community-Built Databases

Important Dates


Proposal Deadline : 21 November 2009

Notification of Proposal Outcome : 05 December 2009

Final Chapter Deadline : 15 March 2010

Camera Ready Deadline : 15 August 2010

Editorial Board


Hamideh Afsarmanesh (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Barbara Carminati (University of Insubria, Italy)

Gillian Dobbie (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Lyndon Kennedy (Yahoo, USA)

Ee-Peng Lim (Singapore Management University, Singapore)

Irena Mlynkova (Chales University, Czech Republic)

Mirella Moura Moro (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Wenny Rahayu (La Trobe University, Australia)

Maytham Safar (Kuwait University, Kuwait)

Lorna Uden (Staffordshire University, UK)



For further info, please contact the editor:

Eric Pardede

Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering

La Trobe University

Melbourne VIC 3083