Friday, November 20, 2009

CFP - Instructional Practice in Higher Education: An Online Journal

A Call for Papers

Introducing Instructional Practice in Higher Education: An Online Journal

This online, peer-reviewed journal is intended to provide postsecondary faculty from the for-profit career sector an opportunity to publish work relevant to their instructional context. The main focus of faculty in these institutions is effective teaching with direct application to the workplace.

The Online Journal highlights instructional theory and practice that promote student engagement, achievement of learning outcomes, implementation of technology, and demonstration of holistic assessment within the context of career education. Journal submissions should address a topic within one of the following categories as it applies to the career education context:

* Teaching;
* Research;
* Service; or
* Professional Development.

The success of this journal depends on the participation and contribution of practitioners from the postsecondary career education sector. All articles will be reviewed by the Peer Review Board, who will make editorial suggestions and recommendations for publication based on the following criteria:

• Currency and relevancy of topic;

• Content flow;

• Adequacy and accuracy of references;

• Clarity in topic formation and argument; and

• Supporting data and analysis.

For more information and submission guidelines, please contact Dr. Ruth Reynard, Editor-in-Chief, at (847) 851-7180. Papers should be submitted to by December 1, 2009 for inclusion in the inaugural publication.

For complete publication information, go to: