Thursday, November 19, 2009

CFP - Librarians Retirement Handbook: By Colleagues In the Know

Seeking Submissions from Soon-to-be Retired, Retired Librarians

Librarians Retirement Handbook: By Colleagues In the Know

Book publisher: Library Juice Press

Editor: Carol Smallwood, MLS. Writing and Publishing: The Librarian's Handbook,
ALA Editions, 2010; Librarians as Community Partners: An Outreach Handbook,
American Library Association, 2010; Thinking Outside the Book, McFarland 2008.
Some others: Peter Lang, Libraries Unlimited, Linworth, Scarecrow

Foreword: Robert P. Holley, Professor of Library & Information Science, Wayne
State University, obtained his doctorate from Yale University, his MLIS from
Columbia University. Dr. Holley contributed to, Writing and Publishing: The
Librarian's Handbook, ALA Editions, 2010

Afterword: Sarah Passonneau, Assistant Professor, Assistant-to-the Dean, Iowa
State University Library. Previously a community college, school librarian in
Minnesota; county librarian in California. Contributor: Greening Libraries,
Library Juice Press, 2011

Chapters sought for an anthology by soon to be retired or now retired academic,
public, school, special librarians sharing their experiences on retirement to
help colleagues. Concise, how-to chapters, using bullets, headings

No previously published, simultaneously submitted material; 2100-2300 words
total. One chapter or two. If two, please divide words—one chapter may be
1000 for example, the other 1200 words. If you must use citations, employ MLA
style faithfully. Chapters may be written by one librarian, or co-written by

Possible topics: Financial Planning Before Retiring; Early Retirement--or Not;
Part Time/Full Time Jobs After Retirement; Using Library Skills to Enhance
Retirement Life; Writing for Ourselves, and Family History; Writing for
Publication, Local and National; Keeping Healthy in Mind and Body; The Aging
Process, Wills, Assisted Living; Going Back to School, Auditing/for Credit;
Political Office and Leadership Positions; Notable Retirement Activities;
Retirement Daily Economics; Legacies, Memorials

The deadline for completed chapters (Call #1) is December 20, 2009.
Contributors will receive an agreement to sign before publication.
Compensation: a complimentary book, discount on additional copies

To avoid duplication, please e-mail by attached Word File,
1-3 titled proposals each in a separate paragraph by November 21, along with a
85-90 word bio beginning with: your name, current or previous library/libraries
of employment, city/state location, employment title(s), awards, publication
titles, memberships, and career highlights. If co-written by two authors,
please send a separate bio of 85-90 words for each author. You will be
contacted as soon as possible telling you which one (if any) of your topics
will work, inviting you to e-mail your completed chapter(s); an invitation
doesn’t guarantee acceptance. Kindly place RETIRED/your name on the subject
line to: