Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The 2014 NASIG Program Planning Committee invites proposals
for conference sessions. Publishers, vendors, librarians,
and others in the fields of electronic resources, serials,
and scholarly communication are encouraged to submit
proposals relating to scholarly communication, publishing,
resource acquisition, management, and discovery. Proposals
based on emerging trends, case studies, and descriptive and
experimental findings are encouraged.

In particular, the Program Planning Committee welcomes
programs focusing on the Core Competencies for Electronic
Resources, http://bit.ly/1eWD11N , approved by NASIG in July
2013. Program topics from the core competencies include:

* Electronic resource life cycle and management
* Collection development and analysis
* Standards and systems of cataloging and classification,
metadata, and indexing
* Technology and providing for discovery and access to
electronic resources
* Licensing and legal frameworks for electronic resources
* Electronic resources standards, initiatives, best
practices, and workflows
* Scholarly communication initiatives

This call for proposals will close on November 15, 2013.
Inquiries may be sent to the chairs, Kelli Getz and Anna
Creech, at: prog-plan@nasig.org.

Please note the following:

* All sessions will be allotted 60 minutes for the
presentation and questions.
* The Program Planning Committee welcomes proposals that are
still in the formative stages, and may work with potential
presenters to focus their proposals further.
* Proposals should name any particular products or services
that are integral to the content of the presentation.
However, as a matter of NASIG policy, programs should not be
used as a venue to promote or attack any product, service,
or institution.
* Time management issues generally limit each session to two
to three speakers for conference sessions. Panels of four or
more speakers must be discussed in advance with the Program
Planning Committee (prog-plan@nasig.org).
* Please refer to the NASIG reimbursement policy for
reimbursement of speaker expenses, http://bit.ly/16EwFC6.
* All session speakers must complete a Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) prior to speaking at the conference,