Saturday, October 12, 2013

Conference - The Best Practices Exchange

The Best Practices Exchange, a conference focusing on electronic records
preservation and access, will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, November
13-15, 2013. Be sure to register soon! The hotel (see has an October 18th deadline to
lock in the best rate, which is $84/night.

If you are a federal employee and may have difficulty meeting some of these
deadlines, let us know and we will see what we can work out.

We ask that you register for the conference itself by November 1st so we
can plan most effectively. To register for the conference, go to We have also mirrored conference data on our
local website (, due to
periodic technical difficulties with the main site. Registration costs $175
for the full conference. If you would like to attend only Friday's
filmmakers seminar, the cost is $75, unless you are a student, in which
case the cost is just $25.

We have a full slate of activities planned (see the schedule at Bob
Bennett, former U.S. Senator from Utah, will open our conference. Our
keynote speaker, Milt Shefter, from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
Sciences, will be sharing his thoughts during our Thursday luncheon, and
also will be conducting a seminar for students and independent filmmakers
Friday afternoon. Last month, Milt was awarded the Society of Motion
Picture and Television Engineers' Archival Technology Medal for his work
developing technology and techniques for the long-term storage and
preservation of media content. He is also the co-author of "The Digital
Dilemma: Strategic Issues in Archiving and Accessing Digital Motion Picture
Materials." Following Milt's keynote address, the Sundance Institute will
screen one of its films, "These Amazing Shadows." Our other session
speakers are coming from all over the country to share their ideas about a
variety of topics related to electronic recordkeeping.

Another main attraction is the focus on digitization, especially as it
relates to genealogical research and family histories. The Family History
Library and both will be presenting sessions and offering
tours of their facilities during the conference. Archive-It, one of the
conference's sponsors, will be doing a pre-conference workshop on Tuesday
(Nov. 12) with its group. Thanks to everyone for participating, it should
be a great conference.