Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A.A. Heckman Endowed Fellowship

A.A. Heckman Endowed Fellowship Fund The A.A. Heckman Endowed Fellowship Fund is intended to fund research, study, documentation, and dissemination of archival materials that advance the historical record and provide insight into America’s continuing relationship with-and response to-alcohol and drug use, misuse, and addiction. The Fellowship is available to scholars in the fields of anthropology, sociology, history, medicine, and related fields. Depending upon applicants’ anticipated expenses, it provides partial to full financial support for travel to and from an archives collection, including but not limited to the Hazelden Pittman Archives Collection.* Room and board expenses may also be eligible. The Fellowship will be paid upon receipt of a copy of a written document of the project's findings or results, and dated and itemized expense receipts. The number of Fellowships awarded each year and the amounts of Fellowships awarded each year will vary, depending upon the number of qualified applicants who submit applications and who are accepted, as well as the estimations of anticipated expenses. Fellowship awards may vary from $100 to $4,000 per award. Applications may require an interview. Applications are reviewed by committee, whose decisions are final. To apply for the Fellowship, please email the following information to Barbara Weiner, Library Manager, at bweiner@hazelden.org. YOUR NAME CONTACT INFORMATION NAME AND LOCATION OF ARCHIVE TO BE ACCESSED EDUCATION AND/OR EDUCATIONAL AFFILIATION PURPOSE OF RESEARCH SPECIFY LEARNING OUTCOMES YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE EDUCATIONAL GOAL FOR THIS FELLOWSHIP DESCRIBE THE SCHOLARLY WORK ESTIMATED PROPOSED DATES OF TRAVEL ESTIMATED DATE OF SUBMISSION OF PROJECT FINDINGS PROJECTED EXPENSES *The Hazelden Pittman Archives is a collection of historical alcoholism literature and artifacts located at Hazelden's main campus in Center City, MN, USA. It is comprised of over 1,500 books, and about 2000 pamphlets, letters, posters, postcards, trade labels, novelties, memorabilia, movies, journals, newspapers, magazines, and medicine bottles. The collection is focused on the topic of alcoholism, along with the related topics of drug addiction, prohibition, temperance, Alcoholics Anonymous, treatment, counseling, and gambling. It is available for research by appointment. ===