Friday, March 28, 2014

MARAC workshop

Workshop attendees do not have to be a MARAC (Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference) member nor does one need to attend the entire conference to register for a workshop. W4. Dating 19th-Century Portrait Photographs Half Day Workshop: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Cost: $45.00 Instructor: Gary D. Saretzky, Monmouth County Archives Old portrait photographs are often found without dates, but trained archivists can frequently estimate dates fairly precisely based on the type of photograph; sitter's identity and clothing; physical characteristics of the photo, including mounting styles and mount information; photographer; and other factors. The date may be needed by researchers, but it is also helpful for cataloging and to confirm identification of the subject. In this half-day workshop, the presenter will explain major types of 19th century photographic processes used for portraiture, indicate when they were popular, and teach techniques for dating photographs. Participants will learn how to use a micrometer to measure mounting board thickness. Slide presentations with several hundred examples will show dated cartes-de-visite, cabinet cards, and ferrotypes to help participants learn how the look of such images and their mounts evolved between the 1850s and 1900. The presenter will also bring vintage examples of the various processes and discuss how to identify and date them. After the lecture, participants will break up into pairs and try to date original examples using the micrometer and handouts with dating tips. The presenter will provide published references helpful for dating photographs and a bibliography of relevant publications and websites. Although not the main focus, the presenter will also provide guidance on the preservation of 19thcentury photographs. Participants may bring examples from their own collections for analysis and discussion. For registration information, and further information about the conference, please go to Also, feel free to contact the MARAC Administrator at the following: Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference Dickinson College P.O. Box 1773 Carlisle, PA 17013 Phone number 717/ 713-9973 Fax number 717/ 245-1439 E-mail: