Monday, January 4, 2010

CFP - Community and Junior College Libraries

Community and Junior College Libraries provides a peer-reviewed forum for theoretical research and practical studies dealing with the broad scope of delivery of information resources to lower division undergraduate students. It is an essential resource for two-year college librarians and educators.

For an upcoming special edition, we are soliciting theoretical and practical submissions on Educational and Instructional Technology. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

* the role of the library as an educational resource
* instructional design
* learning theory
* the role of the librarian as instructor
* the impact of educational policies on library development and operations
* the changing profile of Learning Resource Centers in community colleges
* the relationship between library initiatives/programs and academic goals
* games and gaming as a library tool
* social networking in the library (Twitter, Facebook, Course Management Systems, etc)
* innovative uses of technology

Contributors are encouraged to address these and other concerns faced by professionals in libraries and information centers of two-year colleges.

Manuscripts may be approximately 10-40 typewritten, double-spaced pages (including references and abstract). Lengthier manuscripts may be considered at the discretion of the editor(s). References, citations, and general style of manuscripts for this journal should follow the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style. For complete submission information, please visit the Community & Junior College Libraries website at

Please send all submission and questions to the Editor, at

Wendell G. Johnson MLS, PhD
Northern Illinois University / via T&F mailing