Friday, January 29, 2010

Free webinar - IT and records

Subject: Free IT Survival Briefing and Electronic Records Training Schedule
From: "Andy Potter"
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 12:53:35 -0500
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Survival Guide for IT Professionals is a free, 90 minute online briefing
that is being offered on Tuesday March 2 at 11:00 EST. This briefing is
designed to raise awareness within the IT community of the legal
responsibilities for records management and the consequences for
noncompliance that are directly tied to IT. This course will discuss
system requirements, transfer specifications for electronic records and
other topics. It will cover resources that are available to assist the
IT professional as they perform their duties. In addition, NARA's
Northeast Region plans a comprehensive schedule of training
opportunities aimed at helping Federal agencies' managers and staff
address a wide range of electronic records issues. The Region will
provide both in-person and virtual training. One of the most frequent
requests customer agencies have is for more practical electronic records
training. With this in mind, the Region will focus Fiscal Year 2010
training opportunities on electronic records and electronic records
management. These training courses include 2 two-day in-person
workshops on Electronic Records Management and Advanced Electronic
Records Management. Each workshop costs $300.00 per person. The
courses are being offered in New York and Boston. In addition, they will
also be offering webinars in Electronic Records Management and
Electronic Records Formats. Each webinar will be presented in four
90-minute leader-led sessions using a web conferencing application and a
telephone connection and costs $125.00 per connection. What this means
is that agencies can train as many people as they can fit in a room as
long as they only use one internet connection and a telephone line to
access the training. The wide range of electronic records management
training offered will allow for Federal employees with different levels
of experience and responsibility to get the training they need to ensure
that they're activities are adequately documented. For more information
call us at 781.663.0148 or email us at Other
information can be found on the web at Andy Potter
Senior Records Analyst
NARA's Northeast Region
(413) 236-3605