Monday, January 10, 2011

Archived webinar - QR codes

Gather all of the clues you’ll need to solve the mystery of those strange objects posted, hung, and placed in libraries and across college campuses: small, black and white, square-ish, and completely unreadable. Reveal the secrecy of how you can use them on your own campus by watching the archived version of the Arts Section’s discussion forum. “Using QR codes to engage students with the arts: A practical approach” will plot you through the journey of two academic libraries and how they have used these 2D barcodes to take students on a tour of campus art and to teach students about waste and recycling. It’s a session of whodunit that you shouldn’t miss! .

If you would only like to see the presenter’s slides, check out their prezis:

Jolanda-Pieta van Arnhem (College of Charleston Libraries)

Liv Valmestad (University of Manitoba)