Monday, January 10, 2011

Webinar - Information architecture

Registration: $20 ASIS&T Members / $49 Non-Members

Description: In this virtual seminar, you'll learn all about

information architecture - what it is, why it's so important to do

well and the major things to do and not to do.

We'll discuss:

- how people look for information and what they need to do with it

when they find it

- different ways you can organize information and when they are


- exactly how (processes) you can figure out the best ways to organize

your content

- the tricky issue of what to call things

- other key IA tips

It's all based on Donna's experience designing information

architecture, navigation and content for a wide range of information

systems (usually big ones) such as government and corporate websites,

intranets and document management systems.

To register please go to the ASIS&T website