Thursday, January 13, 2011

Award - Association of Architecture School Librarians Conference -- Student Award



The conference award is intended to introduce library school students, interested in a career in architecture school librarianship, to the membership and activities of AASL through attendance at the organization’s annual conference. The conference will be in Montreal, Canada, March 3-6, 2011.

Award Amount:

1. $500 for travel expenses (given in the form of a check from AASL to the recipient after the post-conference report is received following the annual meeting)

2. Waiver of the annual meeting registration fee (at the student rate)

3. Waiver of annual AASL dues for a period of one year


Students who are currently enrolled in an ALA accredited graduate library school program or have recently graduated (within 12 months of graduation) are eligible for the award.


* Applicants must submit a completed application form, accompanied by a current résumé, to the Awards Committee by the specified closing date
* Recipients of the award must confirm in writing (e-mail will suffice) that s/he is able to meet the requirement of full conference attendance
* Recipients of the award will submit a brief post-conference report for posting on the AASL website. The report should outline conference activities and experiences and include an account of how the award supported professional development goals
* In a year in which no suitable applications are received, or if AASL funds are insufficient, the grant will not be awarded

Application deadline is February 5, 2011

Applications can be submitted by e-mail (preferred) or mail to:

Cathryn Ziefle


Woodbury University

2212 Main Street

San Diego, California 92113


Phone: 619-235-2900 ext. 22




Please indicate your preferred contact address

Home Address:

E-Mail: Phone:

University/College Address:

E-Mail: Phone:

Are you a:

* Full-time student
* Part-time student
* Recent library school graduate

If yes, please provide the name of the school attended plus month and year of graduation:

Please detail your reasons for applying for the AASL Conference Student Award and the anticipated benefits of attending: