Friday, June 24, 2011

CFP - Technology for Small and One-Person Libraries

Call for Chapter Proposals
Technology for Small and One-Person Libraries: A LITA Guide
Editors – Rene Erlandson and Rachl Erb

Send proposals to:

Rene and Rachel have a contract with Neal-Schuman to develop a LITA Guide for
librarians and staff working in small or one-person libraries. This book will
provide librarians who have little background with technology the foundations
to successfully manage technology and introduce and support technology based
initiatives in their libraries. This timely book will introduce technology
concepts and provide best practices, tips and examples to implement each
technology topic covered within the book.

We would like proposals from potential authors for the following chapters:
• Hardware/Software
• Infrastructure/Networking
• Integrated Library Systems
• Digital Collections
• Finding Help and Keeping Up With Emerging Technology in Libraries

PROPOSALS (more details available @ )

Proposals are due to us by July 15, 2011. Final accepted chapters will be due
to us by October 15, 2011. The publication date is currently set for 2012.
Chapters must be unique to this book, if you have published an article about
the aspect of technology your chapter will cover, your chapter cannot be a
rehash of the same topic. Workshops and presentations are fine as a basis for
a chapter.

****See Website for more details.
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