Friday, June 24, 2011

Workshop - Book Collections: Maintenance and Repair

Book Collections: Maintenance and Repair August 29th - September 1st

Campbell Center is offering a hands-on workshop for those responsible for the care of circulating or frequently used library collections. The class is of particular relevance to those seeking an in-house option for repair and enclosure treatments. The intention of the course is to give Librarians, Archivists, and Museum professionals the conservation skills to make item level treatment decisions that complement the mission of their institution. Participants will learn to perform minor and higher level repair treatments, as well as a variety custom made enclosures. Participants are encouraged to bring books for analysis, treatment, and discussion.

Campbell Center is located in Mt. Carroll, Illinois about 2 1/2 hours West of Chicago and 2 hours South of Madison.

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For more information and questions about this course please contact,

Miriam Nelson

E. Lingle Craig Preservation Lab

Indiana University

851 N. Range Road

Bloomington, IN 47408