Thursday, June 16, 2011

SciVerse Apps for Library Idea Challenge

Elsevier's SciVerse Apps for Library Idea Challenge is an international competition that encourages librarians and information professionals to conceptualize solutions to the challenges that they and their constituents face in addressing the search and discovery of information.

Entrants are invited to submit specific ideas for applications for the SciVerse suite that solve problems affecting the search and discovery of information within librarian and researcher workflows alike. Selected app concepts will be posted on the challenge website and open to commentary from peers and the public, enabling a dialogue within the librarian community to identify problems and discuss potential solutions. Two grand-prize winners will be selected - one by a panel of judges and one by community vote.

Ideas will be judged on the following criteria:
- Solving real problems or address unmet needs for librarians and/or the SciVerse users you support
- Being built with a reasonable amount of effort
- Broad application and solving problems inherent across Academic or Government or Corporate institutions, not any one in particular
- Identifing an innovative or novel approach

The call for entries opened May 13th and the deadline for submissions is September 2nd, 2011. An international panel of judges will select up to 10 finalist app idea entries. The community will then be invited to comment on the finalist ideas with suggestions to improve them and vote for app ideas they believe will deliver the most value to researchers. The winners will be announced in November 2011. Elsevier will explore development of the two winning app concepts for inclusion in SciVerse Applications.

For rules, prizes and other details, please visit: