Thursday, October 13, 2011

CFP - Transitions from Print to Digital

Transitions from Print to Digital Call for Presenters (Michigan Library Association March 16, 2012)

Transitions in Collections from Print to Digital:
Books, Bytes & Beyond
Novi Public Library- March 16, 2012
Call for Proposals – Submission accepted through 11/4/11

Are you working at the forefront of an emerging issue inelectronic resources? Are you doing orhave you done something that you believe may benefit fellow MLA members toraise awareness in this area or that you believe we may need to move towards orlean against? If you answered yes, thenwe’d like to invite to take advantage of this 1-day workshop forum to allow youto share your knowledge, experience, or expertise.

This event will explore the emerging trends in digitalresources as they are used in public, school and academic libraries and theissues relating to accessing, quality, licensing, managing, and maintenance ofdigital resources.

Please submit 1-2 paragraphs about yourpresentation. Please include
• Session Title
• Description oftalk
• Length of timeof talk
• 1 Goal / 3objectives of your session
• Number ofpresenters
• Presenter(s)’names, titles, organization
• Presenter(s)’contact information

Information will be accepted via email through FridayNovember 4, 2011.
Please indicate in your email Subject Line:
2012 MLA P2D Call Proposal + your presentation Title +your Last Name

Send proposal's to:
Cynthia Dopp
Barb Dinan
Denise Cook