Thursday, October 20, 2011

Internship - WGBH Media Library & Archives

WGBH Media Library & Archives – Digital Library Projects

WGBH is public service media for New England--on TV, radio, the Web, and out in the community. We're the single largest producer of PBS prime time and online programming, and a major source of programs heard on public radio from coast to coast. We're a pioneer in educational multimedia and in media access technologies for people with hearing or vision loss.

Department Description:

The WGBH Media Library & Archives manages all physical and digital media and paper records, including materials that need to be retained for production, legal, fiscal, historical or administrative purposes, for the WGBH Educational Foundation. The WGBH Archives currently house more than 10,000 boxes of material and more than 50,000 audio, video, and film masters, many containing active as well as historical and archival materials. The MLA also manages all aspects of film research: cataloging, tracking, and organizing the stock and originally shot footage and images that go into our productions. The MLA negotiates and administers discount stock footage deals with major footage archives, and licenses WGBH stock footage to outside clients. Our web sites provide glimpses into the work and projects of the WGBH Media Library & Archives:

Internship Description:

The WGBH Media Library & Archives has opportunities for graduate students in library science, computer science, linguistics andrelated fields to work in a film and media archive. Come and learn what happens to all the materials that went into that FRONTLINE you saw after it aired on TV. Help to make them accessible for researchers, student and teachers online!

Digital library interns will work with the MLA Project Managers and Production Assistants on collaborative inventory and cataloging projects with external archives partners. Interns will assist with research, communications, cataloging, and partner support. Interns will write blog entries about their experiences, archival issues, and interesting “finds” in the archives and conduct research regarding digital humanities and moving image archives. Interns can gain hands-on experience preparing archival media for web access by transcribing, applying metadata and encoding transcripts, logs and basic catalog records. This is an opportunity to learn moving image cataloging and the PBCore metadata schema (

Skills Preferred:

Basic computer skills, familiarity with Macintosh computers.
Attention to detail and precise work extremely important.
Professional phone and email communication styles required.
Internet savvy, with good web and library search skills.
Knowledge of XML helpful.
Familiarity with digital libraries and library practices also helpful.

WGBH Internship Requirements:
1. WGBH internships are open only to students enrolled in an accredited college or university
2. Internships are unpaid.
3. Interns are expected to commit 60 hours over the course of a semester. Fulfilling hours over schoolbreaks is allowed. Daily scheduling is flexible during normal business hours.

Applicants interested in the Internship should send a resume and a statement of interest by email to:

or by mail to:

WGBH Educational Foundation
Human Resources Department
One Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135