Monday, September 17, 2012

CFP - Archives Association of Ontario

The Archives Association of Ontario is pleased to announce its Call for Papers for the 2013 Annual Conference to be held 29-31 May 2013 in Ottawa, Canada's National Capital: Is the Medium Really the Message?: Digital v Traditional Formats, Should You, When Could You, and Why on Earth Would You? Proposals are invited for examinations of the general topic - which is better for you, traditional media or digital, electronic or paper (or film, or photographs, or maps, or even clay tablets, etc.)? In a time of increased calls to deal with digital records, let us examine the issue in all of its variants Should you digitise? When could you digitise? Why would you digitise? How would you manage digital archival resources? What are the factors you should be considering before undertaking any shift into the digital realm? Potential subjects for consideration for presentation include: Cost benefit analysis: Do the benefits of digital access outweigh the costs of acquiring and maintaining a digital collection? Data migration - problems and possible solutions Wider distribution (accessibility) of locally-held records Tapping into web-based resources / providing for internet research: Keeping up with your audience and their expectations Is it better to maintain an analog version: Digitize and/or destroy - what should you be doing? Uses and utility of social media as an archival record ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come join us in historic Ottawa, visit the beautiful Rideau Canal, travel across the Ottawa River into Qu?bec to experience la belle province, have a Beavertail at Hookers in the Market (something at least one American president has done), view the Houses of Parliament, including the wonderful Library of Parliament, and generally enjoy yourself in Canada's National Capital. Proposals are invited in the form of complete sessions or individual presentations, and may be sent to: Daniel German Program Chair AAO2013 The due date of applications/submissions is 31 October 2012