Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Classes - Online Continuing Education Classes

*Online Continuing Education Classes, Fall 2012* UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies Continuing Education Services Register online by following the course links! http://www.slis.wisc.edu/continueed.htm *Online Course Schedule* *Introduction to Research Data Management* September 10-November 30 http://www.slis.wisc.edu/continueed-DataMgmt.htm *Digitization Projects for Libraries* September 17-November 11 http://www.slis.wisc.edu/continueed-Digitize.htm *Energize Your Social Media Strategy* September 24 - October 22 http://www.slis.wisc.edu/continueed-SocialMedia.htm *Online Collaboration and Communication for Libraries* October 22 - November 16 http://www.slis.wisc.edu/continueed-OnlineCandC.htm