Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Webinar: MARC and FRBR: Friends or Foes?

Webinar: MARC and FRBR: Friends or Foes? Date: October 10, 2012 Time: 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) Event webpage: www.niso.org/news/events/2012/nisowebinars/marc_and_frbr/ ========================================================================= ABOUT THE WEBINAR MARC and FRBR are among the best known acronyms in today's cataloging world. With the implementation of RDA by the US national libraries in the late winter/spring of 2013, and with other libraries already adopting the new cataloging code, a great deal of discussion is taking place about FRBR and whether it is implementable. In addition, the viability of the MARC format has been called into question. What is wrong with MARC, and what alternatives are there? Join NISO for presentations and Q&A relating to these two cataloging fundamentals. SPEAKERS / TOPICS . Whither or Wither MARC? The Challenges of 21st Century Data to a 20th Century Communications Format John Myers, Catalog Librarian at Union College's Schaffer Library Originally developed to assist in printing catalog cards, the MARC format is in its 45th year. Are today's (and tomorrow's) data needs and structures adequately served by this workhorse of most contemporary catalogers' experience? What possibly could displace this reliable feature of the bibliographic landscape? . FRBR at Fourteen: Will Its Time Ever Come? David Lindahl, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Executive Director of the eXtensible Catalog Organization, University of Rochester River Campus Libraries IFLA's Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records was published in 1998, and most library systems still have not implemented it. What is the likelihood that this data model will ever play an integral role in the design of library applications? This presentation will examine the future prospects for this data model in terms of its real impact upon libraries and library technology. REGISTRATION Registration is per site (access for one computer) and includes access to the online recorded archive of the webinar. Can't attend on the date/time of the webinar; register and you can view the recording at your convenience. Discounts are available for NISO and NASIG members and for students. NISO Library Standards Alliance members may attend this webinar free of charge (included in membership); contact your organization's NISO representative for information about participation. For more information and to register, visit the event webpage: http://www.niso.org/news/events/2012/nisowebinars/marc_and_frbr/ Cynthia Hodgson Technical Editor / Consultant National Information Standards Organization chodgson@niso.org 301-654-2512