Thursday, September 27, 2012

FREE workshop - Accurate Elemental Nondestructive XRF

Hands-On Workshop: Accurate Elemental Nondestructive XRF November 5-6, 2012 Location: Gawain Weaver Art Conservation, San Anselmo, CA Free workshop includes: • Information about the physics of XRF (X-ray fluorescence) • Demonstrations showing how to apply this technique to elemental analysis of virtually anything • Analysis of YOUR samples • XRF instruments for hands-on learning X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF) is a nondestructive analytical technique used to determine the elements present in a sample. In museums XRF is being used more and more often in museums used to gather important information about an artifacts manufacture or history without the need to take a sample or change the artifact in any way. Museum applications of XRF include: Pigment identification on paintings, sculpture, illuminated manuscripts Alloy composition of metal artifacts Identification of metal threads in textiles Identification of photographic processes, including image material, toners, and the presence of other distinguishing elements Archaeological artifacts Arsenic residues in taxidermy specimens Testing for the presence of pesticides in natural history collections Workshop Instructor: Dr. Bruce Kaiser, Chief Scientist, Bruker Elemental, Handheld XRF Bruce is an internationally-known expert and has taught in over 300 museums and universities worldwide. He has broad and deep technical knowledge of the challenges facing scientists, curators and conservators of very diverse collections and materials. For further info and a workshop schedule: There is limited space in this workshop. Please contact Gawain Weaver to apply for the workshop: