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Online workshop - P2P File-sharing on Campus

Want to learn more about (c) and the new Higher Education Opportunity
Act (HEOA) requirements? Register for this upcoming workshop.
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P2P File-sharing on Campus: Legal Controversies and Emerging Solutions.
Dates: March 1-12, 2010.
Instructor: Fred von Lohmann, J.D. Senior Staff Attorney at the
Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Major entertainment industry players continue to decry what they
perceive as an epidemic of "piracy" on campus networks, while sending a
flurry of "DMCA notices" to university administrators demanding that
they take steps to address the problem. While the recording industry's
lawsuits against individual students have tapered off, the pressure
continues to mount on university administrators. This workshop will
bring you up-to-date on the legal issues surrounding peer-to-peer (P2P)
file-sharing on campus networks and will also provide an up-to-
the-minute overview of emerging solutions (such as the music industry's
Choruss licensing offers). This workshop will also cover the Higher
Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) requirements in depth. Special guests
include Steve Worona, Educause, and Jim Griffin, CEO, Choruss.

Detailed Description & Course Objectives:

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