Friday, March 30, 2012

CFP - Atlanta Area Bibliographic Instruction Group

The Atlanta Area Bibliographic Instruction Group (AABIG) will host its 11th annual conference May 18, 2012 at the University of West Georgia. This year's theme is Innovation on a Dime. In this economic crunch, every library's budget is getting hit hard. This year, the conference will focus on the practical, nifty, and new ways librarians are using free and/or existing technology to teach information literacy, and even what to do when there's no computers at all. AABIG invites proposals for 20 and 45 minute sessions that address this theme. Lively and interactive
sessions are preferred.

Ideas include but aren't limited to:
- budget savvy instruction, outreach, and assessment
- effective strategies for online and face-to-face instruction
- practical methods for using new, old, and/or free technologies to teach
- innovative techniques, examples, and pedagogy to intrigue and entice
- novel ways to teach non-traditionally (via chat, phone, or web;
without computers; outside of the library)

Submit your proposal here:

Proposal Deadline: April 2. Please direct further questions to Angiah Davis (
BIG Website:

BIG is also looking for local librarians to serve as officers for next year's conference. It's a great opportunity for networking, leadership, and building your CV. You can find more information about officer duties and terms of service on the BIG site.

Thanks, Jean Cook, University of West Georgia,
BIG President