Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CFP - Arrangement and Description of Archives

Call for Papers for *"Arrangement and Description of Archives", *a 2012
Special Issue of /Archivaria/

This issue aims to address questions about the theory, methods, and
practices employed in arrangement and description of archives. Do
traditional concepts, methods, and practices of arrangement and
description need to be adapted for digital holdings? How successful have
we been in communicating information about holdings through the
Internet? How might developments in information oriented disciplines be
adapted to arrangement and description of archives? How might
constructivist thinking about archives influence the profession's
understanding of arrangement and description? How well have standards
served us? What can we learn from study of past practices of arrangement
and description? To stimulate discussion of these and other questions,
/Archivaria /74 (Fall 2012) will be devoted to consideration of the
current and past state of theory and practice and future possibilities
pertaining to these critical archival functions. Terry Eastwood will
serve as guest editor of this special issue.

*Deadline for expressions of interest:* Expression of interest
consisting of an abstract of the proposed article (300-500 words) must
be received by the guest editor by *15 May 2011*.

Please feel free to direct questions related to this special issue to
the Guest Editor: Terry Eastwood at eastwood@interchange.ubc.ca
or 604-274-6879.

*Submission guidelines:*

Final submissions should follow the "Advice to Authors of Submissions to
/Archivaria/" at

*Deadline for complete manuscripts:* Complete manuscripts are due *1
December 2011*.

-- Jean Dryden, PhD
General Editor, Archivaria
E: archivaria.dryden@gmail.com
T: 301-328-7866