Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Workshop - Introduction to Books Structures for Conservators

5 week intensive course, June 27 - July 28, 2011 to be taught at the North Bennet Street School, Boston MA

Instructor: Chela Metzger

"Introduction to Books Structures for Conservators is a 5 week class meeting 4 days a week. Some field trips will be scheduled on Fridays. The course is designed to develop basic bookbinding bench skills and to explore historic book structures in the context of conservation of books as historic artifacts. Students will seminar on required readings, do basic research on book structures and bookbinding history and create models of historic structures. Class presentations, short essays and publishing on social media may all be required. Admission to the class is by permission of instructor only. Applicants should be prepared to write a short personal statement on the role of the class in their work, share evidence of three-dimensional studio/craft/conservation work that exhibits fine detail, and supply a recommendation from a professional in the conservation or preservation field if possible. This course is not aimed at training bookbinders per se, and is entirely geared toward students exploring conservation of books as cultural heritage. Class size will be limited. Students will need to bring their own simple hand tools. For more information, please contact Chela Metzger cmetzger@winterthur.org."

For more information about North Bennet Street School please see: http://www.nbss.org/.

For more information on the instructor: http://www.artcons.udel.edu/faculty/winterthur/chela-metzger

Cost: $2,500 including supplies