Friday, May 20, 2011

Conference - Grey literature

On December 5th and 6th, the 13th international Conference on Grey Literature will be taking place at the Library of Congress. GreyNet, headquartered in Amsterdam, is an organization devoted to the study of grey literature. This organization is truly interdisciplinary and attracts membership from many areas of study and from many countries. For more information about GreyNet, please go to

We are particularly interested in having involvement from the library and information science community. We want to invite your faculty to register and to attend this conference. As importantly, we want to involve students in the study of grey literature. We would like to invite your faculty and students to attend and to participate in a poster session involving research topics in grey literature or successful grey literature programs. For more information about involvement in this conference and information about the poster session, please contact the GL13 Program and Conference Bureau,

Up to 10 posters from LIS graduate students will be accepted on the Conference Program. And, these students will be exempt from the conference fee. Furthermore, all other LIS students are eligible for a discounted conference fee, .

For your convenience, I have attached drafts of the Program and Conference Outline, and I look forward to your presence this December.


Blane Dessy, Executive Director


Library of Congress

and Chair, Planning Committee GL13 Conference