Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Online classes - LYRASIS Professional Development

2nd Friday Series

LYRASIS Professional Development invites you to join us in our virtual librarian’s lounge every 2nd Friday scheduled from 12:30 – 2:00 pm (EST). During each session, you will be given the opportunity to connect with your peers, discuss the hottest topics, and share best practices

Cost per individual:
Member Cost: $25 per session
Non-Member Cost: $35 per session

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Upcoming 2nd Friday Series Sessions:

May 13, 2011: Free eBooks for Everybody
During this session, participants will learn how to effectively use their existing eBook collections. Russell Palmer, LYRASIS Professional Development Librarian, will share free eBook resources beneficial to all types of library users.

June 10, 2011: RDA in a Nutshell

There has been quite a bit discussion about Resource Description and Access (RDA). This session will provide an overview of the essentials of RDA and FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records), as well as the highlight some of the differences in cataloging practice RDA would introduce. Due to the nature of how RDA may affect libaries, this is a repeat of the April session.

July 8, 2011: LYRASIS Program Exchange

Participants will hear and exchange ideas on Pop Culture, and how it’s a cornerstone of excellent library collections, services, and developing and hosting unique programs and events patrons and students will find appealing.

August 12, 2011: Dream Service for Nightmare Patrons
The “problem patron” is an unfortunate character type in the library culture. This session will highlight key principles and strategies to help you avoid most problematic customer-service situations.

September 9, 2011: Floating Collections: Freeing or Frightening?
Participants will learn what “floating” means for patrons and staff, as well as highlight ideas for revitalizing circulation, collections, and floating collections. Successful approaches to moving resources will also be discussed.



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