Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Online conference - American Association of Museums

Get a taste of Houston at AAM’s 2nd annual Virtual Conference, May 23–24.
Produced in collaboration with LearningTimes, the Virtual Conference 2011 is a two-day online conference of ten online sessions like:

Forging Ahead: The Role of Museum Education in Developing 21st Century Learners (Monday, May 23)
Explore how institutions are addressing changing demographics, technology and globalization, and fulfilling crucial new needs that require adaptation so we can serve our varied audiences and become vital educational leaders.

Content-Heavy Exhibitions: A Collaborative Approach to Balancing the Need to Inform and Visitor’s Capacity to Absorb Information (Tuesday, May 24)
Working together, curators and educators must balance conceptual complexity with audience knowledge, interest and capacity to quickly make sense of new knowledge. Discuss creatively balancing curatorial responsibility and the leisure-learners, interest in visual pleasure.

Each of these sessions will last 75 minutes and will feature live Web-based audio, visuals and real-life demonstrations of best practices at work.

Be sure to take advantage of the online conference community that is the hub for the event. Access to fellow participants and great content begin before the conference commences with member introduction areas and topic-based discussion areas.

Also this year, for the first time we will be offering the Virtual Expo, a one-day completely online trade show for museum professionals interested in deploying mobile experiences and creating mobile content.